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The Winning Attitude To Be Hired

In an interview, know how to demonstrate to the employer a winning attitude. To get a job, it’s not just the skills and experience that count. The attitude too!

Speak confidently When replying to questions, speak slowly. Take time to choose your words and breathe between sentences. Some candidates tend to respond very quickly, probably out of nervousness. Articulate clearly and speak confidently.

Listen carefully Who said exchange, said speech, but also listening. In an interview, you must listen very carefully to what you are asked. There are people who keep talking. They talk so much that they forget to listen to the questions until the end. They then do errors of interpretation and provide inappropriate responses. Reply to half of the questions is one of the causes of failure in an interview. It is therefore essential to listen.

React well to silence The situation probably the most uncomfortable is when the interviewer appears to deliberately keep the silence after the candidate has finished answering a question. To break the silence, some candidates will begin to “talk for talking.” This measure is very dangerous, you may deliver information that had not originally been intended to reveal and which are not part of the message you want to leave. You can break the silence by simply restarting the conversation with the employer with a question like, “Have I answered your question?”

Remain honest In an interview, you are required to reply in good faith to the questions that are asked. Dishonesty is one of the traits that employers detect easily. Try to fool them may not only hurt your credibility, but also disqualify you.

However, telling the truth does not mean to engage in open heart: you’re not on the sofa of a psychoanalyst! What is important to keep in mind is to present a positive angle. It is not bragging or dishonesty that highlight your positive experiences and give a favorable impression of yourself.

Be positive During the interview, be positive. Show that you are a person who sees the bright side of things and seeks to take advantage of every situation. In some circumstances, it is recommended to silence the truth likely to harm someone else. Do not defame a former employer, colleague or other person. This strategy is wrong, even if what you’re saying is true.

If you are asked to talk about the greatest failure of your career or a bad experience, do not hide the truth. Be honest but brief … Your easy to talk give some indication of your personality by describing how you have overcome this problem, show that you go ahead, you’re motivated and you are not the type to leave you discouraged by a situation difficult.