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Investment Banking Graduate Opportunity

As one of the most desirable routes for graduates the competition is tough, but lets face it graduate jobs are scarce all round so don’t let this be a deterant. No matter which industry or what job you apply for ultimately the application and interview process will be tough and you will need to perfect your performance to secure that dream position.

For those who secure that all important graduate appointment it’s sure to be the start of an exciting whirlwind. Most of the “big” employers enrol their new starts on a rigorous induction program, often with various checkpoints scheduled along the way i.e. professional exam attainment. Performance throughout the induction is important and often dictates the department in which the candiate will be placed.

Most programs accept applications from August onwards and close the gates just before christmas. If you’ve missed these dates some of the lesser known companies do vary slightly. I would suggest that you apply to a variety of employers even if you are not constrained by the application timeline, it could serve you well as a back-up plan if those treasured 4 or 5 applications you planned to make to the “big guns” dont come through. If nothing else you should use these applications, to your least preffered options, to perfect your winning application and indeed interview technique.

So whilst you will undoubtedly of heard of the big investment banks, and be perfectly capable of searching in google for Investment Banking Graduate programmes it might be necessary to dig a little deeper.

Where to find Graduate Investment Banking Jobs

  • wikijobs
  • the Association of Investment Companies
  • FTSE companies list
  • Companies house
  • Wikipedia – investment companies

After all lets assume that you would like to work in London and can think of 10 big names, all taking on 100 gratuates but only 10% of these positions are in Investment Banking then does that mean there are only 100 positions? You probably know 100 people that would like to get into the industry, working with a smaller company for a year or so will look better on your CV than a spell of unemployement.

You may have your heart set on one of the big names, but a smaller company can actually work out extremely well for certain candidates. This may sound cliche but for some people being part of the big machine will never be enough, and the smaller company will allow them the opportunity to exert greater control and responsibility early on in their career. It is fair to say that a driven graduate can greater mould their destiny within a smaller graduate intake, there are many reasons for this but from within a smaller intake of graduates its easier to shine. Though as they say, money makes the world go round and if this is your primery driver then initially this will not be the most lucrative route.

Investment Banking Graduate Salary

  • Goldman Sachs ~£46,000
  • Fidelity ~£42,000
  • Morgan Stanley ~£44,000

These figures should only be used as a rough guideline, and pre-date the financial crisis, however they wet the apetite for attaining a position at one of these firms. You are not alone in wishing to work there and given there are a fixed number of positions preperation is key.

If you are dilligent enough to secure an interview ensure you are prepared for the competency part of the interview, you may be expected to jump through hoops for two days but this is without a doubt the crucial stage. All the candidates that make it to this stage are smart, they all have degrees and will all be up to date with current events. The competency interview is your opportunity to make your sales pitch, you are selling yourself and must convince the would be employer that you have the best product offering.