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How Do You See Yourself?, A Guide On Being Positive

You are a prophet in your own way. The way you see yourself has a big impact on how you will be later.

Imagine a speaker who, minutes before his entrance on stage, is told by his client not to worry if the message is not well received because people are forced to be present and that his conference on changes is seen as a prelude to an announcement of a broad restructuring plan. How would you feel if it was you?

It is likely that you would be uncomfortable. You  would simply cut your short introduction and you would hurry to finish a speech that nobody wants. By doing so, you become what people expect from you. An intruder that nobody wants. You become what you felt like being.

And this is what you need to learn from this scenario. You see yourself as an obese person? You will tend to fill you and to validate this perception. Normal: You eat according to what you perceive yourself.

You tend to reduce your jurisdiction. You will tend to reject orders that exceed your perceived skills and by doing so, you will never achieve the mandates that match your true talents.

At work, your results reflect what you think. As illustrated in the two previous examples, the fact you mentally lower has a negative impact on what you can actually occur.

Because you do not spend the effort, you could have your prophecy come true to itself. I ask you today to change the prophecy by changing your speech.

Instead of saying you won’t be able, tell them that you will do it with pleasure. Instead of saying it’s hazardous, saying it’s full of possibilities. Change your way to apprehend your skills and become what you really be.

Accept mandates, as frightening as they might be. Who says you will not do better. And even if you don’t, you will develop skills that will enable you to go further next time. You can also do so by requiring the help of someone who has the skills you are currently lacking. You’ll assimilate his knowledge during this term.

You are the only person able to impose limits. It is you who you impose your own borders. You can limit your involvement in your organization or decide to share everything with you.

You are the architect of what you become and the place you take in your organization. What will it be today?