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Business Ideas With No Startup Costs

I will talk about some successful, tried, and free kinds of jobs to start with.

1. Direct sales representative:

Subscribe in companies that offer product discounts for their members like Avon. You can sell to friends, family, and neighbors.

Offer prospective clients discounts less than given by company to you. For example: if the company offers 25% discount, you sell the product with 10% discount to attract customers.

Also, refer friends to join the company and each time they sell something or refer other people, you get paid.

This kind of job requires nothing but relationships.

2. Start a blog:

Easy free way to get some money. Use one of the free blogging service providers available online like Blogger or Blogger to create a blog about a hobby or something you like, let’s say cooking.

Post entries everyday so that search engines recognizes your blog and give it a high rank which will attract more traffic and get you more money eventually.

But how this money will be made?

You join affiliate programs for niches related to your blog like cookware if your blog was about cooking. So, if any person ran into your blog, saw the affiliate ad, clicked on it, and bought something through you site, you will earn certain percentage from this transaction.

You can find lots of affiliate programs online and I recommend ClickBank and Commission Junction.

Setup Google Adsence:

Sign up for Google Adsence account. It is free and easy to use. All you have to do is signing up for Gmail account.

When you set it up, Google will add a search box in your blog and when people search Google using it, you get paid.

Amazon associate:

Monetize your blog using Amazon associate which is similar to affiliate program. Amazon will allow you add products’ links, banners, and widgets and when someone buys something from Amazon, you earn money.

That’s almost it for blogs. Remember to always update it and share it on social media and social bookmarking websites.

3. Freelancing:

Earn money by offering your services for money for people willing to pay for it. Outsourcing became very popular because it doesn’t cost much and save work area.

There is lots of freelancing websites but you need to start with high ranked and secured websites like freelancer.

These are not the only jobs you can do from home. It is just a beginner guide for you to start with and we will elaborate more ideas in other articles. Please share your ideas, experiences and opinion about working from home.

Start now and have a great productive day.